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My 365 Writing Journey: 

A guide to build your confidence in English Writing

Transform your writing with My 365 Day English Writing Journey!

This empowering journal is crafted for both English learners and native speakers, offering prompts, tips, and exercises to enhance writing skills, making it equally valuable for academic pursuits (such as the TOEFL / IELTS exams or SAT) and unleashing creative expressions. Whether you're new to English or seeking to refine your abilities, this journal is your companion to inspire creativity, encourage reflection, and build the confidence needed for effective written communication. Embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and watch your writing flourish, opening doors to new opportunities and experiences.
Dive into self-expression and let this journal be your guide to becoming a more skilled and confident writer.

This journal includes:

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After teaching English for almost 10 years, I've realized that many other online platforms are not flexible enough to cater to everyone's needs or are too restrictive for people's schedules. I want to bring flexible English Coaching to my clients so that everyone can attain their goals and achieve their dreams. No matter what somebody needs help with, I will do my best to provide excellent service and help them with their English speaking, writing, and job preparation needs.

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